March 29, 2014

Keep the Door Open

When you least want it. When you least expect it. So suddenly, and so vigorously it knocks at your door. For some reason, as much as you do not want it, and as much as you resist, you find yourself forced to open the door for it.

This is Love.

The (sometimes) unwelcomed guest that changes your whole life overnight. It takes you to places you never visited before, even if it knocked your door many times before. Every time is a new journey. A journey full of joy, tears, laughs, and fights. That bitter-sweet feeling you experience. It’s like eating the finest dark chocolate there is. The bitterness of it is right there infuriating your taste buds, but you know it is the best thing you have ever had. Despite all the shortcomings of love, for some reason, your sky is full of rainbows every day.

Love drives you crazy, in a good way. Love extracts all your positive energy; it digs so deep for it, and then spreads it all over the place. It is even able to change who you are as a person.

Love is the reason for creativity. If not for love, we wouldn’t have had movies, songs, or novels. It raises you up to levels you never thought exist. It makes life worth it. Love, to me, is the fourth dimension.

Throughout our lives, we knit a colorful piece of memories derived from love. First touch. First kiss. First time to hear the words “I love you”. The longing and yearning. The silly, oh so silly, things you’ve done in the name of love. That feeling of goose bumps running down your back. The feeling you get in your chest similar to that one you get from riding a roller-coaster  The cold breeze that teased your cheeks on that midnight ride. That spark you never see except in the eyes of the one who loves you. A certain word. A certain smell. A song. All knitted perfectly in your mind, finding their way to the surface whenever needed. If not when conscious, then in your dreams.

If you don’t have love today, be sure it is coming for you tomorrow. Whether you are too young for it, or too old. Too busy to spot it, or too hurt to bear it. It will find you, and when it does, and when you finally feel its existence, please do not keep your door closed. Open it, even if just for a sneak peek. I promise you, you will never regret it!  

Because love is so grand, it should get a Nobel prize!


  1. Looooove it ♡♡♡♡♡ love u norooo ♡♡

    Ribz ;)

  2. yeeeeee ma azkak Ribhi... THANKS A LOT <3 <3 <3

  3. Very nice... loved the advices that came at the end.. very warm!

  4. One of the most amaaaaaaaazing things that I've ever read Nouran <3 <3

    1. Nimzzzzz ❤❤ thanks!! im glad u liked it!